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Be sure to capture the energy of the event, and your polished message for this audience, in a way that extends well beyond those assembled and long after the event is over. The GeoSpatial Stream video team will create professionally edited video interviews that can be easily embedded in your own Web site or other marketing media to extend value to your organization’s communications.

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This video has been watched more than 2,000 times in three months.
This video has been watched more than 2,000 times in three months.


This interview from the 2014 Esri User Conference was viewed more than 700 times within one week and is approaching 3,000 total views.

Introducing a New Product?

If your company is releasing or promoting a new product, our onsite professional videography team can create an inexpensive “Product Primer” that will be promoted on our highly trafficked sites. You’ll also receive a video file to be used wherever you’d like.

In one 40-minute time slot, we’ll interview a spokesperson about the product and record a live demonstration, then edit the video in a high-end, polished way for a 5-minue end product you’ll find much more useful and memorable than a standard product press release.

GeoSpatial Stream created this Product Primer for LizardTech's Experss Server 9.
This Product Primer for LizardTech's Express Server 9 has been viewed almost 3,000 times.

All video products are syndicated and promoted across the V1 Media brands, which feature a combined base of more than 60,000 subscribers.


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Our video interview is professionally edited to a concise 5-minute overview, and can include product or customer photos that you provide. The video will be promoted on V1 Media Web sites, you can use our link in your marketing materials, and we will also provide the raw video files to be used and re-edited for your own marketing needs. Cost: $600

Our Product Primer is a professionally edited 5-minute overview from a 40-minute session with product introduction, interview and demonstration. We’ll record several takes from multiple angles and make sure every word is delivered in an optimal way. The video will be promoted on the GeoSpatial Stream Web site in addition to a special slot on our most relevant site for your product (you can choose the publication), and you can use those links as well as a separate video file in your marketing materials. Cost: $1,000 (includes complete video rights)

For additional information or details, contact Todd Danielson at 970-846-8831 or

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