5_21 Climate Broadcast (Antarctic Ice Shelf, ArcGIS Release and More)

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Today’s Top Story is Ice and its rapid disappearance in Antarctica. NASA scientists recently completed a study regarding the remaining section of Antarctica’s Larsen B Ice Shelf, which collapsed in 2002. The remaining portion has weakened and is likely to disintegrate completely by 2020.

The team used data on ice-surface elevation and underlying bedrock depths that were captured by instruments aboard NASA’s Operation IceBridge multiyear airborne survey. The data were augmented by iceflow speed data collected by spaceborne synthetic aperture radar sensors since 1997.

According to Ala Khazendar, who led the team at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, “What is really surprising about Larsen B is how quickly the changes are taking place. Change has been relentless.”

That was today’s Top Story. I’ll be back with more news after this message from Miyamoto Global Disaster Relief. It’s a bit longer than our typical commercial, but it includes an update on the Nepal earthquake as well as a way to donate to help those there rebuild from the destruction.

Esri released ArcGIS 10.3.1, featuring 3D Web Scenes and something called Smart Mapping, which is explained in this video

In industry headlines, Blue Marble Geographics unveiled Global Mapper 16.2, which features a new 3D pivot axis, an improved fly-through video-playback tool and support for new formats.

Boundless released OpenGeo Suite 4.6, its enterprise and open-source geospatial software platform.

And BlackBridge will provide RapidEye imagery of major agricultural areas across the United States for use in The Climate Corporation’s products and services for farmers.

For today’s Final Thought, here are some fascinating RADARSAT-2 satellite data MDA published concerning the Nepal earthquake.

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