5_28 Asia-Pacific Broadcast (Dinosaurs, Chinese LiDAR and More)

Hello, and welcome to this Asia-Pacific themed GeoSpatial Stream. I’m your host, Todd Danielson, and today’s Lead Sponsor is Miyamoto Global Disaster Relief.

Today’s Top Story is Dinosaurs. And as much as I love learning about them, it’s shocking that this is the first time they’ve been mentioned in my newscasts.

The Australian Research Council Discovery Project funded Walking with Dinosaurs in the Kimberley, which is documenting 130-million-year-old dinosaur tracks using sophisticated 3-D imaging technology. The highest-resolution data are gathered by a modified photo mapping technology called Sirovision as well as extensions to commercial software and hardware products.

These ancient tracks are constantly being eroded by the shoreline, so digitally documenting the site may be the only way to preserve these long-lost animals’ marks before they, too, become extinct.

Dinosaurs and geospatial technology. Yes!

That was today’s Top Story. I’ll be back with more news after this message from Miyamoto Global Disaster Relief, which is continuing nonprofit relief work after the Nepal earthquake.


The Nepal earthquake was the first major test of the recently installed Indian Seismic and GNSS Network, which provides real-time data to 100 seismic stations across the country. According to network supervisors, the “undesired” testing ground was met successfully by the system.

In industry headlines, the Australian Group AAM partnered with Hyderabad-based Skye IT Solutions to create AAM Sky Geospatial Solutions, with plans to invest $10 million dollars to help develop the Indian market for vertical aerial and survey solutions for government, planning, and oil and gas.

Bone Medical acquired Takor Group, a geospatial technology company headquartered in Australia.

And V1 Media Editor Matt Ball recently attended the Riegl LiDAR 2015 User Conference in China, where he spoke with Yanjing Liu, CEO of Five Star Electric Technology.

For today’s Final Thought … oh yeah, I’m heading back to Las Vegas for the first time this year. For new viewers, the week before I head out on a work trip to Las Vegas, which is several times a year, I get excited and put on my Vegas glasses. It’s become a tradition around here. And this time, I’m off to the Hexagon Live event, where I’ll learn all about this mega-company’s various geospatial technology offering in a variety of vertical and horizontal markets. I’ll be interviewing several high-profile executives as well as gathering clips for future broadcasts, so stay tuned.

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I’m Todd Danielson, and this … was your GeoSpatial Stream.