7_23 Esri UC Broadcast (Video Recap, Exhibitor News and More)

Hello, and welcome to GeoSpatial Stream. I’m your host, Todd Danielson, and today’s Lead Sponsor is Trimble Geospatial Division.

Today’s Top Story is the annual Esri User Conference, which was recently held in San Diego, California. Since there were more than 16,000 in attendance and hundreds of companies exhibiting many new products, we’re going to devote this entire episode to news from the event. Let’s start with some video highlights from the main speakers:

That was today’s Top Story. I’ll be back with more news after this brief message.

As part of the conference, Esri celebrated more than 170 organizations during the Special Achievement in GIS Awards ceremony, which highlights users that have shown vision, leadership, hard work, and innovation in their use of Esri’s GIS technology. For a complete list of winners and their accomplishments, visit the Web site shown:


Esri also introduced the next generation of its Tapestry Segmentation system. Tapestry provides accurate, structured classification of U.S. neighborhoods based on proven segmentation methodology, and socioeconomic and demographic characteristics.

In other news, Esri signed a three-year memorandum of understanding with European Schoolnet, an organization that works with multiple ministries of education for improved teaching and learning throughout Europe.

In news from Esri conference exhibitors, Topcon Positioning Group released a cellular modem option for its HiPer SR for GIS receiver. The unit now can be used as a cellular base station through Topcon’s new MAGNET Relay for GIS option.

Airbus Defense and Space and Esri developed three new Premium Content Services allowing ArcGIS Online users to access Pléiades and SPOT thematic imagery as well as customized monitoring services.

LizardTech demonstrated its GeoGofer product, a software solution for finding geospatial imagery quickly and efficiently. The product will be available later this summer at a price of $250. Visit this Web site to be notified of the official product launch:


And Scene Sharp USA introduced its FuzeGo Plugin for ENVI, allowing Exelis Inc.’s ENVI users to access FuzeGo MS Sharp, an automated multispectral image-fusion software that can simultaneously fuse up to 30 spectral bands of data.

And now for today’s Final Thought.

I really enjoyed my experience in San Diego at the Esri User Conference this year, but my highlight was definitely an interview I had with Jack Dangermond, Esri’s founder and president, and general GIS icon. You can watch the full interview on GeoSpatial Stream, but here’s my favorite clip from that meeting:

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