7_23 Infrastructure Broadcast (AEC Market Reports, Smart Cities and More)

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Today’s Top Story is Global Markets. Research and Markets added to its offerings the Global AEC Market 2015-2019 report, and the future is looking bright.

According to the report, the AEC market is expected to grow at an annual rate of more than 10 percent. Authors state that the combination of BIM, CAD and other comprehensive solutions will help reduce capital costs and time in construction, leading to the technologies’ wide adoption.

The report notes that familiar names currently dominate the market, including Autodesk, AVEVA Group, Bentley Systems, Intergraph, Nemetschek and Trimble, but there’s always room for new companies with new ideas to shake things up and move the industry in new directions.

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In a possible sign of the aforementioned growth in AEC, the state of Washington committed to a transportation investment package expected to create 200,000 jobs, and address critical safety, maintenance and congestion needs across Washington. The 16-year, $16 billion dollar package includes money for road and safety projects; highway maintenance; alternative transportation such as bike paths, rail and transit; and ferry upgrades.

A new public Web map built on the Esri ArcGIS platform shows how the Los Angeles Department of Transportation is empowering smart communities and transforming its streets through spatially strategic investments. The Web map is part of the People Street program, which invests in low-cost, high-return mobility projects such as sidewalk extensions, park lets and plazas.

And to demonstrate how widespread laser scanning has become in the infrastructure industry, here are some video clips from Nolte de Mexico, which used a Road-Scanner from Siteco Informatica to provide sustainable solutions for infrastructure projects in Mexico. I added the music myself.

In industry headlines, SmarterBetterCities released CloudCities, an intuitive 3D city service with features for community engagement, easy city data sharing and analytics.

Topcon Positioning Group updated its MAGNET software, introducing Takeoff and Mass Haul modules to provide material-driven estimates and efficiently manage haul routes to save time and reduce costs.

And PaveXpress, a free, online pavement-design tool created with support from the National Asphalt Pavement Association and the State Asphalt Pavement Associations, launched an update including an asphalt overlay design module.

And now for today’s Final Thought. Check out this article on the Informed Infrastructure Web site about the replacement of Chicago’s Wells Street Bridge:

I enjoyed it when I first read it, but it means much more to me now after my recent summer vacation. I took the whole family to Chicago, and while there rode one of those tourist boats along the river. It was really interesting—one of the best tourist things you can do. And along the ride I went under the Wells Street Bridge—I actually got a little excited.

It looks just like the pictures in the article, and I was able to add a little inside knowledge to the already informational tour. Pretty cool …

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